Survival International

Survival International

In 2018...

● We boycotted tiger reserves
We started 2018 by promoting a boycott of tiger reserves in India. Throughout the year, we continued to draw attention to the illegal evictions of indigenous peoples and saw a drastic fall in the number of people killed by gamekeepers ordered to 'shoot on sight'!
Read more here.

● We fought a deadly epidemic
We were devastated to learn of a measles outbreak among the Yanomami in Venezuela and Brazil. A big thank you to all of you who helped us during the year to request emergency medical assistance. Your emails have helped save lives.

● We opposed a national park in Congo
It may seem strange to oppose a national park, but the Messok Dja project in Congo is proceeding illegally without the consent of the Baka people who live there. The Baka are afraid of the guards who beat them up simply because they are trying to access their ancestral lands. Watch this video to learn more.

● We worked in partnership with the Amazon Guardians
While the situation remains unstable for the Guajajara (Guardians of the Amazon) and their uncontacted neighbours, the Awá, Survival has continued to support them over the past year to evict illegal woodcutters who threaten their land and their lives. (Olimpio Guajajara asked us to share this message on his behalf).

● We have redoubled our efforts in our struggle in Brazil
I think we were all horrified to hear about Jair Bolsonaro's victory in the Brazilian presidential election: he represents a serious danger to indigenous peoples and their hard-won territorial rights. Despite the short time remaining, you have helped us pile on the pressure to secure the Kawahiva's land. Learn more.

● We defended the rights of the uncontacted peoples
The news of an American missionary being killed by the Sentinels made the headlines and reopened the eternal debate: should we or should we not contact uncontacted peoples? (For the record, we are strongly opposed to it.)
You can read my colleague Jonathan's take on this story here.

What’s next?

Thank you to everyone who helped us last year by sending emails to members of governments, sharing our messages on social media and making donations to support our urgent work. Without you, it would simply be impossible for us to continue our mission, and it is encouraging to know that we are not alone in the fight for indigenous peoples. This year, which is just beginning, is particularly special for us. It marks fifty years of Survival! Founded by a handful of volunteers, Survival is now an international movement with supporters in every corner of the world. This is a milestone worth celebrating; threats such as those posed by Bolsonaro remind us that the struggle is never over. In 2019, we will also launch our campaign against the forced schooling of indigenous children: a scandal that has been hidden for far too long. We believe it is crucial to bring to light one of the biggest threats to indigenous children around the world and their families, and we will be telling you more about it very soon.

Thank you again for supporting us in 2018. 2019 promises to be just as busy! I wish you all the very best for the new year.