Discover our eco-friendly approach to camping

An eco-friendly campsite in Gironde 

Our awareness of the ecological impact of our activity predates the media frenzy of recent years.

It is therefore not a question of marketing opportunism for us, but of a sincere attempt to make a commercial tourist activity cohabit with ecological and humanist sensitivity and values.

We try to improve every year by changing our own behaviour and habits to adopt a more responsible and environmentally friendly way of operating. We try to convince
our visitors to join our efforts. The "Colibris" spirit is very much alive in us.

We have published our own environmental charter adapted to our particular situation and we distribute it to every newcomer.

All our shops are organic and we grow our vegetables naturally from organic plants.

Our aquatic area allows you to enjoy a campsite with a solar heated pool.

We only use electric vehicles, all our stationery is FSC certified or made from recycled paper, we use eco-labelled cleaning products, we recycle our printer cartridges, and more than 70% of the hot water used in our toilet blocks is solar generated.

In 2011, we built rental chalets with disabled access from ecological materials.

In 2012, we joined the 1% for the Planet Club, whose members commit to donating 1% of their turnover to associations that take action to protect the environment.

In 2013, we installed tepees on stilts equipped with dry toilets - unusual accommodation on our campsite for you to discover.

In November 2015 we received the "Green Key" label, we are now preparing for the European eco-label.

In December 2015, we chose ENERCOOP as our electricity supplier for the sincerity of its environmental commitment: www.enercoop.fr

The cycle path linking Soulac to the Pointe de Grave through the forest 

In the autumn of 2016, we acquired a mobile home with disbled access and during the off-season we are carrying out accessibility work for people with reduced mobility. We are now preparing for the "Tourism and Handicap” label.

At the same time, we are participating in the creation of an eco site with an animal farm opposite the campsite. All the biomass from the maintenance of our park is used to create permaculture planters.

Because of their low carbon footprint, we offer a very attractive rate for hikers and cyclists. We participate in the cleaning of the beach closest to the campsite.

In June 2018, we are organising a forum of associations that share our values.

Our NGO contribution

About ten years ago, we decided to commit our campsite to the fight for the preservation of the environment and to this end we have invested in the sponsorship of ecological associations.

We started by helping the association "SURVIVAL" which defends the rights of indigenous peoples (Amazonian Indians, indigenous people from Indonesia, Africa,...): www.survivalinternational.fr

Subsequently, we joined the 1% for the Planet Club, whose members undertake to donate one per cent of their turnover to associations that work for the preservation of the environment.

This commitment has enabled us to successively support the associations:

"SEASHEPHERD" dedicated to the protection of the marine environment: www.seashepherd.fr

The "Colibris" movement, whose maxim is "Do your part":www.colibris-lemouvement.org

"SUR LA PISTE" which installed solar ovens in sub-Saharan Africa to limit deforestation.

"COMPOSTAGE", which aims to raise awareness of sustainable development through the promotion of composting

composting: www.compost-age.fr

"BLOOM", which works for marine conservation (the GOLDMAN prize for the environment was awarded to Claire Nouvian, founder of Bloom, for her fight against deep-sea trawling, which led to a ban on this below 800 m): www.bloomassociation.org

Our commitment continues…

Our approach is continuous, it remains open and is enhanced by your suggestions.

Our contact form is at your disposal to get in touch with us.

If you choose to spend your holiday with us, we hope it will be for some of these reasons.

Consci-Environmentally yours,

 Pascal Saurais